Sunday, 11 August 2013

Athletic director application letter

In this post, you can ref top materials for writing Athletic director application letter such as: application letter sample, application letter tips, application letter materials… You can ref more useful materials for job application such as top 10 application letter samples, top 7 resume samples.
I. Application letter sample for Athletic director

Peter Ho
123 Sue Circle
Smithtown, CA 08067


John Ka
HR manager
XYZ Company
87 Delaware Road
Hatfield, CA 08065

Dear Mr. John,

To answer the job advertisement in the Times Union, I would like to send you my certification, my job application, my resume as well as three references to apply for the programmer position in your company.

I am truly interested in this job and I am confident to say that my qualifications and collected experience as well as my skills well match this position and I am the suitable candidate for this vacancy. Please see below for more understanding about my qualifications:

• My experience, my skills, my achievements and my success are shown clearly in this application.
• I am trying my best to maintain and improve my excellence
• I always give the best service to all customers with all my heart.

I have BS degree in Computer Programming, I am perfect at developing software and I have much experience in implementing projects related to software. In addition, I am a quick learner and I have passion for new technologies.

I would like to enclose my resume here to bring you more information of my excellent experience and knowledge.

My mail box is always available at or my cell phone number is 909-123-5551

Thank you for spending your time reading my information. I look forward to meeting you face to face to talk more about my qualifications.


Peter Ho
Enc. Resume

II. Application letter writing tips for Athletic director

1. Searching as much information of the company you are interested in as good before deciding to write an application.

2. Before writing a complete application, write down all you want to mention in your application in a draft.

3. Draft it until you feel satisfied with it.

4. Do not let spelling and grammar mistakes spoil your application. Check them carefully by yourself or you can ask someone to help you examine your application whether it contains such mistakes before sending it out.

5. Write it as clear as you can, or have it typed if possible.

6. A4 size paper is the only choice for your application.

7. Only copies not originals for all documents except your application.

8. Before leaving for interview, inform the people who you wrote them as your references that you are about to go to the interview.

9. Make a copy of your application and keep it.

10. Make several copies of your resume and send to the companies you are interested in.

11. Update your application regularly.

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